// Projects 2012 //

// Joie de Vivre

january-april 2012

 A collective creation of three different generations and their visions of the world: Adults of De Schakel, an organization that defends poor people; Children of Ratatouille, a local youth organization;  and students of the art school Sint Lukas. The only link these groups shared at the beginning of this project was their common neighborhood, Schaarbeek.  

 // Young filmmakers on gender issues 

Young students age 15 to 20 express their views about gender issues and make video clips

video project in collaboration with Vrouwenraad and Amazone, women’s organizations, with the support of Brussel’s Ministry of Equal Opportunities.

// Women for Peace

Digital Report about the women who received the Belgian women’s organization price of “women for peace”. This price has been given to women of all social layers who successfully set up projects to promote peace throughout the world.

in collaboration with Vrouwenraad, supported by Queen Paola of Belgium

 // My House

Television broadcast for the program “Metropolis” of Dutch television VPRO

First steps of a young student in Brussels into adult life managing his life and first flat.