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 // united sexes!

Belgium/ Brussels-Gent-Antwerp / Morocco (Tiznit-Agadir) 

Youth, ages 13 to 25: In Flanders, Brussels and Morocco, young people give their recommendations for better relationships between boys and girls.

Relationships: boys, girls and homosexuality; an Interactive video project in collaboration with Centrum West Youth Center and Ratatouille Brussels, Weljongniethetero Gent, Inpetto, Antwerp Tiziznit-Agadir Youth Organization, Morocco. With the support of the Flemish  Ministry of Equal Opportunities.

 // we are all unique, all creative

Belgium - Brussels

Youth ages 8 to 15: Video dialogue exploring daily life challenges across different social and cultural backgrounds

Collaboration between boys and girls, The Talents You've Got; in collaboration with youth center Centrum West, D'Broej Ratatouille and Pinc Screen Festival Cinema Nova, with the support of Equal Opportunities Brussels

 // wear a white poppy on october  31st

Belgium – Brussels


"Stop violence against women", a political action held in the Belgian senate on October 31st 2011, drawing attention to the on-going struggle of violence against women; with the support of Nederlandstalige Vrouwenraad and Amazone.