// Projects 2010

// What's your dream?

Belgium - Brussels
Digital Report/interactif videoproject about poverty in Europe's capital
testimonies of adults and youngsters in Brussels.
in collaboration with and support from Vrouwenraad, Equal Opportunities Brussels/ Institute for Equal Opportunities for women and men.

// Black Tea (Straffe Thee - Thé Corsé)

Digital Report and television broadcast on women's position in Moroccan society. Girls and women from Figiug,Oujda,Nador and Zaio in eastern Morocco speak about their hopes, dreams and life exspectations. in collaboration and support from Mechelen township, Belgian tv RTBF and TV 5 Monde


Ages 16 to 21: Internet dialogue between two vocational training schools as a contribution to the Assises de l’Interculturalité. Creating four proposals to promote intercultural dialogue.
In collaboration with, and support from:  L’asbl Promotion de L’interculturalité of the Federal Ministry of Work, and schools Elishout (Anderlecht) and l’Athénée de Willebroek.

//Girls, Women

Video dialogue, ages 15 to 22: Relationships between girls and boys; Flemish youngsters, ethnic minorities and newcomers. In collaboration with, and support from: Township Antwerp, Atlas Documentation Centre, and schools Groenhout, Willebrord, Maris-Stella, Sint-Agnès and l’Athenée Royal Rooseveltplaats.



Belgium, Theatre workshop age 10 to 15 years, Bellingen (Halle)
In collaboration with/ with the support of : Luc Vierendeels, Cantimpré théâtre amateur, Opendoek vzw et le Conseil Culturel de Bellingen.